Sarah looks at a blank canvas and the art painted upon it is determined by her mood. Her range of capabilities not only impresses the mind but also rouses emotions.
Although she is gifted in all mediums and tells you she prefers soft pastels, give her a paint brush with any other medium and she will relinquish a finish product worthy of favouritism. She’ll employ brushes, knives, and other tools to add excitement and texture. She’ll blend with her fingers and rags to soothe and collect thoughts. Final details are never forgotten. Sarah has painted since she was a young girl and although much of her art comes naturally to her, she is mindful of the areas of her art which need work and direction. Whether she is painting a personal piece, a gift for family and friends, a commissioned piece or a mural, her delight in the final product is equal to the joy of the client. Sarah has been teaching children ages 6 and up, and interested adults since 2002. Her joy in seeing growth and development in her students is almost as rewarding as completing a piece herself.
Member of Polar Artists Group Oshawa Art Association Pine Ridge Arts Council Member of Whitby’s Station Gallery Member of Polar Arts Group
OWNER, Sarah Shaw, has been opening her doors to Durham residents encouraging creativity and culture through art since 2003.
Sarah Shaw