Sarah Shaw

Sarah’s Gallery

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Across the Water  Oil  20"x40" -- SOLD Belonging  Oil  10"x20"  SOLD Yukon Piece  Oil  20"x40" Colour Schemes Soft Pastel  20"x40"  SOLD Forest Four  Oil  20"x10"  SOLD Forest Three Oil 36"x48"  SOLD A Stop on the Land Oil  20"x20" SOLD Forest One Oil  30"x 60"  Commissioned Piece  SOLD Forest Two Oil  36"x48"  SOLD Ghosts SOLD Guatemalan Street Oil  48"x72"  Commissioned Piece (SOLD) Greenland Two Oil  12"x36" SOLD Melting in the Sun Watercolour 14"x20" Midnight  Watercolour  20"x14" Mountains in the Sky Soft Pastel  14"x18"  SOLD Gibb's Fiord Soft Pastel  12"x14"   SOLD Greenland One Oil  12"x36" SOLD Reflections Oil  14"x10"  SOLD Stormy Weather SOLD The Beginning of the End  Watercolour  14"x20"  SOLD The House that Jack Built   Soft Pastel  30"x40"  Commissioned Piece  SOLD
A Stop on the Land (SOLD)
Forest Two (SOLD)
Forest Three (SOLD)
Across the Water
Belonging (SOLD)
Yukon Peace
Colour Schemes (SOLD)
Gibb’s Fiord (SOLD)
Guatemalan Street (SOLD)
Greenland One (SOLD)
Greenland Two (SOLD)
Forest One (SOLD)
Ghosts (SOLD)
Melting in the Sun
Mountains in the Sky (SOLD)
Stormy Weather (SOLD)
The House that Jack Built (SOLD)
Abandoned  Oil  20x40   SOLD
Caught Unaware  48x72  Oil  Commissioned Piece
Caught Unaware
Cullen Creek Oil  24x36
Cullen Creek
Golden Forest  Oil   30x40
Golden Forest
Looking Up  Oil  24x40
Looking Up
Red Barn  Soft Pastel  18x24   SOLD
Red Barn
Solitary Cabin  Oil   20x48
Solitary Cabin
Still Abandoned  Acrylic 18x24
Still Abandoned
Toronto Waterline  Acrylic    18x24  Commissioned Tuscan Vineyard  Oil  18x36
Tuscan Vineyard
Winter Solitude  Water Colour  14x28   SOLD
Winter Solitude
Animals & People
Along the Edge  Watercolour 30"x40"	SOLD At Rest Oil 12"x16"	Commissioned Piece At the Cliff   Oil 12"x16" Commissioned Piece Catching His Eye    Soft pastel   14"x18" SOLD Cleansing Rain   Oil 18"x24"	SOLD His Favourites   Oil 24"x30 Commissioned Piece In Training   Acrylic 18"x24"	Commissioned Piece Jack     Oil 16"x20"	SOLD Just like Mama    Oil 14"x16"	SOLD Lucky     Soft Pastel 12"x16" Commissioned Piece Memories on the Dock   Soft Pastel 12"x16" Commissioned Piece Playing    Soft pastel 14"x20" Commissioned Piece Reflections    Oil 12"x16"  SOLD Resting    Soft pastel 12"x16" SOLD Waiting     Watercolour 16"x20"  SOLD
Along the Edge At Rest At the Cliff Catching His Eye Cleansing Rain
Jack Just Like Mama Lucky Memories on the Dock In Training
Playing Reflections Resting Waiting (SOLD) His Favourites
Augie & Moe Oil   18x24   Hanna  12x24  Soft Pastel    SOLD Sunset Yoga  Oil  18x24  Commissioned Piece
Augie & Moe Hanna Sunset Yoga Nestled With Mama
Nestled With Mama  Water Colour    24x14
Above The Glow    Soft Pastel 30"x40"  SOLD Blooming Fields    Oil 40"x60" Blooms at their Peak Acrylic	48"x72" Commissioned Piece Contrast  Acrylic	30"x30"	Commissioned Piece Femininity  24"x72" Acrylic	SOLD Full Bloom Oil 20"x40"  SOLD Yellow Tulips #2 Acrylic  12"x24" Sold Lavendar   Acrylic	36"x48" Out of Darkness      Acrylic	20"x20" Red Lilies         Soft Pastel	30"40" Sepia Field #2    Oil 48"x72"	Commissioned Piece Sepia Field      Oil 30"x40" Commissioned Piece White on Black     Acrylic 20"x24" SOLD Yellow Tulips      Acrylic 48"x72" Commissioned Piece
Blooming Fields Contrast Femininity Blooms at Their Peak
Above the Glow Lavendar Out of Darkness Red Lilies
Sepia Field 2 Sepia Field White on Black Yellow Tulips
Poppy Fun  Oil  18x36 Spring Dainty  Oil  30x24 Purple Sun  Soft Pastel  30x40 Early Snow 24x30 Soft Pastel  SOLD Poppy Sun Oil 18x24 SOLD White and Purple  Oil 20x36  SOLD
Poppy Fun
Early Snow
Spring Dainty
Poppy Sun
Purple Sun
White and Purple
Full Bloom
Yellow Tulips #2
Family of Fighters Sail into Whitby King of the Hill Toronto Water Morning Light Poppies at Dusk Red Reflections
Beginning of the End
Forest Four
Toronto Waterline
Family of Fighters
Sail into Whitby
Morning Light
Poppies at Dusk
Red Reflections
King of the Hill
Toronto Water